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"Penso che lui abbia preso la sua valigia."

Translation:I think that he has taken his suitcase.

October 12, 2014



"bag" is one of the hover-over translation yet it is not accepted. It would be great to either remove it from the translation or accept it as good.


surely "case" should be accepted for "valigia"?


I believe that normally you'd speak of a 'suitcase' or a 'briefcase' e.g. not just a 'case.' -- an archaic cognate word in English is 'valise'.


briefcase is not accepted...


"Case " is a perfectly acceptable alternative for "suitcase" - if you ask native speakers. Without a definite context, however, "case" could be construed as referring to a" legal case".


I think that most of these italian subjunctive perfect sentences should be more appropriately translated into english using "might", shouldnt they? The present perfect doesnt seem to achieve the uncertainty that these italian sentences intend to hint...


Uh-oh, Duo. I think it's over between you two...!


Please, i know the subjunctive makes sense here, but very often i have the feeling we could use the indicative too (even if not with the exact same meaning). For instance, could we also say: "Penso che lui HA preso la sua valigia."? Is it grammatically correct??


It is not. Unfortunately, it's incorrect because of grammatical reasons and not because of common sense.


how do you know whether it is his suitcase or her suitcase


I believe you'd have to rely on context to clarify that.


Exactly. We have two sentences in a row - "Non penso che lui l'abbia presa." (I don't think that he has taken her). And "Penso che lui abbia la sua valigia." (I think that he has taken her suitcase.) It's obvious that he killed her and took her suitcase to make it look like she had gone away.

This is what happens when you log onto Duo after watching Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window.


I'll assume you're joking, but if not, your first sentence, especially without the second, could mean "I think that he has taken IT" -- with 'it' referring to any feminine noun, as e.g. a 'valigia'. It doesn't have to refer to a female per se.


Confusion: "Non penso che lui l'abbia presA." The participle reflects a feminine direct object; vero? However, in "Penso che lui abbia preso la sua valigia," this doesn't happen. ???


Isn't portare a more appropriate verb than prendere when referring to taking something somewhere?


i would translate portare = carry or take somewhere; prendere = pick up or take with you, so in this case prendere makes sense


If you are advising a stranger e.g. at a train station you would not say tua, this app has a recurring problem with the absense of you (formal). Sua is not exclusive to he or she. Therefore, "sua valigia" can also mean your suitcase.


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Still not accepted. I will report it.


Perhaps because valise is French and we're translating into English?


Why can't "i think he got his suitcase" be accepted? Get also works for prendere, no?


I agree Lawrence49 and I have reported it.


can't "la sua" mean your suitcase?


No - the formal your would be "la Sua", with a capital S.


Unbelievable! I put the above 'he has taken' and was marked wrong and told it should be 'he's taken'. Does DL not know that 'he's' is an abbreviation of 'he is', and in spoken English perhaps 'he has'.


Kieran...The answer that Duo shows above is "he has taken" not 'he's taken', which as you correctly point out is also correct. I don't know why on occasion users' pages differ as regards what answers are shown.


Gosh, you're on the ball. I wouldn't mind If DL gave 'he's' as an alternative, but to mark my 'he has' as incorrect, and then give it as the correct answer on the discussion page is very frustrating. But I thank you, as always, for your interest.


Kieran, glad to help. I've experienced the same inconsistency on Duo's part and it's frustrating and can only attribute it to a glitsch in their software. Good luck!


i think that he has tas taken his luggage marked wrong.

If a suitcase is not luggage ' what is it. Nitpicking again.


why not "ha preso"?

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