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Suggestion: Let's make our language progress bar more effective.

Hi, I have been thinking about the progress bar recently and thought about the things that could be added to make it even better I believe that if it is called Progress bar then it should give us all the information about our progress.

Here is a picture of a progress bar that I would like to suggest :

So here are my suggestions:

  • Location in a tree

I myself always wondered how many skills are there in a Spanish skill tree. So it could give us a location in a tree. For example there are one hundred skills in a tree (I haven't counted them :) but I have completed only 23 so it would show us 23/100 the same thing goes with lessons and words (forgot to change it)

  • Reading proficiency.

Sometimes when I complete a skill it gives me an approximate number of how many percent of a real Spanish article I can read and understand. I believe it is a really interesting and motivational number so I think that it should be added to our progress bar.

  • Latest certificate result

It could also contain our latest certificate exam results. I think it is a still really useful information and it could be a reminder. For example I see that the last time I took my test was 3 weeks ago. That's a long time! It will remind me and I will take one more :)

Who likes the idea, please upvote it so that people from Duolingo would notice it.

October 12, 2014



Would I be able to buy fake articles of clothing for my progress bar?
Say a scarf, or a sock I could slip over it? Perhaps a gym sock, head band and whistle.

Great proposal. Have some lingots in case they do introduce progress bar scarves.


If we had a progress bar that would use the available screen space for something informative I guess I could even live with a scarf and socks :)


I like that idea. I'm being tested for the new Coach feature, and I really want my progress bar back! I think they should take your suggestion into consideration and make the Coach feature optional.


Absolutely agree. I'm being tested for the Coach feature, too, and I HATE it. I hate it precisely because it DEMOTIVATES me--I'm more motivated my longer term goals than daily ones. This suggestion is absolutely fantastic, though.

Dude, DL ought to put andrew on the payroll!


Yes, they should. Coach demotivates me too. If I was able to just extend my streak by practicing, I would do that, but lately I've set the goal to 1 XP and haven't even been doing anything on here, just continuously buying streak freezes to save my streak.


It looks beautiful.


I think that showing how many words and lessons you have done isn't so encouraging, people who just started their first lesson and are excited may see that they have 99 more and that didn't do anything at all, and may think "oh, I will never be able to do this" Just my thought, but I really like your ideas and how you put time to do these


I think this idea is good enough to deserve an AB testing. At least I'm sure it wold generate a lot less complaints than the coach feature they are happily imposing on a random sample of people at the moment. Then we let the results speak for themselves.


To be fair, it's not showing anything that isn't already available...if you do your first lesson and then look down the tree you still know you've got miles to go, putting a number to it wouldn't really change that...


I don't know about you but I liked to see that I have got miles to go, and that I managed to those miles. Petting a number on it does change it, it shows you black and white that you know nothing. I can't be the only one who thinks this, but this can lead to people abandon the course on the Start.


Really cool and useful upgrade it would be. Every DL learner should upvote it!


I like the basic idea. I would suggest that it be customizeable. Start out with a default screen with a minimum of information (Newbies may not want to see that they have 100 lessons ahead of them). Let everything else be an option that can be turned on as the student chooses.

Here's 5 Lingots for a great idea.


This would be nice, although I would like to be able to customize these options since I become a little too anxious if I'm seeing all the time the exact numbers of what I still have to complete =P.


I like this idea a lot.

At the very least, Bring back progress bars for each language!


This is an awesome idea!


I want this so, so much.


I totally agree, the progress bar should be added alongside with the coach feature, this way we'll have an idea about both long term and daily goals.

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