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Lingot store? No point in it without new items

Really, it's been there for such a long time and the whole web site changes all the time but the store doesn't. More bonus skills should be added. I have included a list of my suggestions a long time ago and I am not sure if any of them have been implemented into new language's trees but I will just leave them here. I am really looking forward to having new bonus skills as soon as possible so just in case Duolingo team wants suggestions on that I would be glad to help!

1) Shape

It would be great to have it because sometimes when I want to say 'triangular' I have no clue how to say it properly. (square, circle, triangle, circular, square, triangular)

2)Common signs.

I believe that it is an important part when learning a language and visiting the country where it is spoken to know the signs. This bonus skill could contain words like : Open, Closed, Entrance, Exit, Push, Pull, Restroom, Men, Women, Forbidden, Baggage reclaim (for the signs in the airport), Customs, Use other door, No Enter, WET FLOOR, employees only, please use another door.

It could look something like this:

  1. Weather

I believe that it would be a really nice addition to the web site to create a bonus skill called 'Weather'. I know that there are some words in 'Nature' section but I found that there a lot of useful words missing. There could all the basic word connected with the topic. It could look something like this :)

  1. Emergency. (Phrases like: Help, He is chocking and so on(

  2. Directions ('How to get there?' Where to get that'? 'What train should I take?' 'Where do I bus tickets ?' and so on.

  3. Places. (Pharmacy, market, store, and so on)

  4. Common signs (Open, close, don't touch, Attention, No diving and so on)

  5. Currencies ( We have countries but no currencies , the most common could be added)

  6. Airport related (Baggage reclaim, flight)

  7. Police phrases. (phrases like : 'was stolen, bag, purse and so on')

  8. Restaurant I have always wanted to know how to say. Keep the change. Raw/well-done (about the meat). What is your recomendation. I would like to order ... and other phrases which would be helpful. I know there may not be so many of them but that is why it is great for Bonus skill :) Here is the picture :


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October 12, 2014



Hi everyone! :D Thanks for your suggestions!

Actually the incubator doesn't let us add bonus skills yet. I heard that this feature is planned to be available at some point, but we also don't know when.

However, as you may have heard from other contributors, we recently received the "tree versioning" feature. That means we will soon be able to make changes to the course and add words/skills (normal skills, not bonus skills). :)


I like "bonus lessons" - but im not quit sure if paying with lingots is the way to go ... New lessons need some reviewing/error reporting, and users might be less patient because they "paid" for the additional lesson. The moderatros have the trouble and might get less "love".

Better give the new lessons to all users who have more than 100, 500 lingots ( or more than 1000EXPs) , and they can be "beta-testers" . Then is not a "paymet", but the users are rewarded and trusted to review a lesson in the Beta-stadium.


What's that circle you have with horizontal red and yellow stripes? I tried googling and looking at your profile, to no avail.


I totally agree with you. It's weird that they give you three slots for bonus skills but there are only two available.


The third slot is for the Christmas skill.


I agree the lingot store + bonuses leave much to be desired.

The store may be lacking due to the the pressure that if one language starts adding certain phrases then all the others will have to follow suit to ensure consistency. I would also postulate that certain language admins are too busy, for the time being, to implement these well-thought-out bonuses.

I've already translated a lot of those phrases you suggested from French to English on my website; maybe Duo should make me an admin already and get my services for free (I'm both subtle and not so subtle at the same time, it's great).

Nice suggestions Andrew !


yeah, i would love it if they added more stuff to the lingot store.....

because earning lingots isn't really a motivation for me any more since there isn't anything i can spend em on


I think it'd be nice to have hospital/doctors office/health skill because if you get sick while you're in the country, it would be nice to be able to communicate what is going on to health workers.


Great ideas, and well presented!

I agree that it would be great to have these; however, Duolingo is a small company with lots and lots on its plate offering a very useful but FREE service. We'd all love to see them do more, and I sincerely believe they will over time, but that may be a while. Therefore, I think that for now we need to step up on these to fill the gap until Duolingo has the means to offer more.

rspreng suggested a dictionary, and I'll further that by adding, why not use your dictionary and references to create a list and share it with the community? For example, here's a Halloween "Bonus Skill" that has been posted for Spanish, Dutch, French, and Italian (so far!):


There is a problem that these will disappear quickly into the discussion stream, so we'll probably need to create a master list of user created "bonus skill lists", keep it updated as more are added, and publish its location occasionally.

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