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  5. "Caitheann sibh na brístí."

"Caitheann sibh na brístí."

Translation:You wear the pants.

October 12, 2014



oh, I said "y'all wear the trousers" and got a heart taken away :(


I said the pairs of trousers, but it only accepted pair. Shouldn't it be plural, because it uses na?


Logically, I agree. Multiple people wear multiple pairS of trousers, not just one pair of trousers.


Here in the north of Ireland we say 'yousuns' (youse ones) for a plural of you.


sibh means yee rather than singular you


However, in "standard English" (because, really, such a thing doesn't exist), " you" is both plural and singular. Here, they've decided to just accept only "standard" English, likely due to the arguments of which dialectical variations get accepted.


Yee actually exists in "Irish" English as a form of what is called "YOUSE" or as others might say "Y'all"


I know it does. I'm actually for them all being accepted, includinf use of 'thou' as a singularas some dialects still do. But I was jut explaining why it's unlikely they won't do it.


or as my hillbilly grandma used to say ... "yoons" (she was from the Arkansas Ozarks) (basically the appalachians of the western part of the south in the USA). It used to "craic" me up that she would say "yoons", I'd try to get her to say it ... hahaha


My great-aunt in Searcy County, AR says that!


i think they should seperate you singular from you plural but then again, that doesn't make much of a difference..


I always heard "yis".


yes.... got to be loving that Hibernian English :) Seriously, though, they should teach Irish using the English we Irish actually speak...


I put down "pairs of trousers" as it's na. Reported it ages ago, but no change.


'you all' should be accepted as it is in the Spanish course because for one it is still correct and also, for me personally, it helps me remember which is plural and which is singular to answer that way. I can't be the only one.


here here!! they should use "yee", "you all", i definitely would not address people formally as "thou", but I would use yee.. love this article: http://www.stevenroyedwards.com/yall.html


"ye wear the pants" I am all for duo lingo accepting ye as you but in Ireland when we say ye I'm fairly confident it's singular not plural.


Its both depending on the pronunciation ye as in yeh is singular and ye as in yee is plural, but yeah they're spelt the same


I have no particular objection to the non-standard thou, ye, yis, youse, y'all but I honestly don't see the problem with "you" = singular and/or plural. It can't be that hard to learn: plenty of British kids do, along with French and Germans who seem to have no problem with vous (plural and polite singular or Sie* (polite singular and polite plural). Quite like the idea of bringing back thou, thee, thy and thine, though.


How come it's changed from 'pairs of trousers' (who ever says that?) to 'pants'? This is nonsense


ikr.... no irish person would be caught dead saying pants


Yous might be better


sounds like bowery boys lingo

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