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Weirdness with staying gold in Irish

I haven't noticed this in any of the other languages I'm working on, but I've repeatedly had weird issues with Irish:

Today, I started practicing "lenition". I hit quit because I was interrupted, but it went from 2 out of 4 to gold, and then when I tried to practice it anyway, it repeatedly (for two whole practice sessions) only let me practice two sentences: "den mhairteoil", and "Conas atá do mhilseáin?". Both practice sessions were short, only six or eight or so questions.

I have also been only at three out of four on "animals" for some time and I keep expecting regular use of the overall "practice weak skills" to lift me out of it, and it has repeatedly gone over animal vocabulary, but never went gold on its own. So today, I tried practicing it specifically, and it listed several week words, and I don't remember them all but "ainmhí" (animal) and "turtar" (turtle) were among them. It gave me a two question long practice: it had me translate "an peata" to English ("the pet") and then had me translate "the pet" to Irish. And now I'm gold again in the category.

I think I probably was weak in lenition, but not animals, and now I'm gold in both without any additional meaningful practice. It's weird and frustrating that it does practice sessions that are shortened and only test one or two phrases.

October 12, 2014

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I've experienced this as well. Also sometimes when a lesson isn't gold I'll click on it to strengthen it and instead of giving me exercises it brings me back to the tree and now the lesson is gold.

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