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"Words" tab missing

In some languages (like French, for example) you can see an overview of the words you've already learned by clicking on the "Words" tab (between the "Home" tab and the "Activity" tab). But in other languages (like Danish, for example) that important tab is missing. Why?

October 12, 2014



It's because Danish is in Beta. Once it is released out of Beta, then there'll probably be a words tab.


ok, thanks. that's what i though the reason would be. so i hope they soon improve it to alpha.


Try this:

  1. Switch to a course with a words tab (French, German, etc.)
  2. Open a new browser tab, go on duolingo and switch to a course without words tab (Dutch, Irish, Danish)
  3. Go back to the first browser tab and click on the words tab. You should now see the word list of the course chosen in step 2.


Wow, that's awesome! Have some lingots for that.


Awesome tip!!! Thank you so much! :D


GREAT! thanks. :)


My results, July 2015: The words list shows the same number of words as the other (full) language used, and all of them are at full strength. Some words are "<*sf>", and without a translation on mouse-over (maybe an artifact of using a reference language, but their true nature is probably not important). The list is missing words I learned today. I can't seem to find any words I don't recognize. Not a bad hack, though -- there are words, and they have the correct translations on mouseover.


There actually around halfway there to be released out of Beta. ;) You can watch here: https://www.duolingo.com/course/da/en/Learn-Danish-Online


But my words tab won't even show up on german! How do I fix that? I really need to know.


Same!!! Like I have no idea how to conjegate verbs in German and apparently my little cousin gets it on his German but I nor my little sister can get it


Im not sure why yours does this, change your topic to TROUBLESHOOTING so the staff can spot/fix/anwser you sooner.

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