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Audio difficulties

Over the last few days I have had consistent problems with the speaking part of the lessons. The indicator registers my voice but it either takes a really long time for the program to accept/deny my answer or it never does. A lot of the time I get the message it can't understand me. I have contacted support and have followed directions to 1)reload the page, 2)restart my browser and 3)reload Flash all to no avail. Has anyone else had this problem and solved it? I use a MacBook and my browser is Safari. Thanks for any help since I think the speaking part of the lesson is very helpful.

October 12, 2014



Usally the speach doesent accept your words. I think you should give the microphone a break for a little bit, then turn it on and see how it works.


I have the same exact problem with Windows 8.1, using my Logitech webcam's microphone. However, it works fine with headphones (though I prefer being unencumbered). You might try that.


It does seem to work better with headphones actually plugged into my computer - it didn't work well with my wireless Logitech headphones. Thnaks.


I have the same problem using the app on my phone. I switched it off completely. It just won't work anymore. It used to be fine until 3 weeks ago. Since then it just won't register whatever I said or would just say it is wrong despite me not having said anything yet. Any ideas for this?

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