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I lost my streak due to the coach


I had a forty two days streak and I lost it because of the coach. For some strange reason it said i had met my goal and all of a sudden it turns out i hadn't and there goes my streak. Is anyone else having trouble with this? Has anybody experienced something similar? Is there a way of recovering my streak?

Edit: I just check the app on my phone and says I still have my streak, but it's gone on the web.


October 12, 2014



So sorry this happened. You might want to tell this to the moderators, check out this discussion: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4898540, and click to support button right here- <--------- ish for help. Hope this helped.


I had the same problem bro, but i was close to 300 days... so its not the end of the world :-) still a great learning site!!!

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