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"Al mijn vrienden hebben mij met haar gezien."

Translation:All my friends have seen me with her.

October 12, 2014



"all my friends have seen me with hair" should be correct as well? It actually makes sense lol.


Yep, that'd work too. I'll add it!


Indeed. If the speaker who had had a full head of hair before, had just shaven his/her/its/their head, this use of haar as "hair" would be appropriate.


Is it not also possible to translate it as "Already my friends have seen me with her?"


It says "al mijn vrienden" --> "all my friends".

Your sentence would translate to: "Mijn vrienden hebben mij al met haar gezien."


Is that because temporal adverbs do not come first in the sentence?


You can put a temporal adverb at the start of the sentence, but that will generally result in an inversion of the subject and the verb. E.g.:

  • Ik ga vandaag naar school - I go to school today
  • Vandaag ga ik naar school - Today I go to school

And an example with "al":

  • De winkel was al een jaar dicht - The shop was already closed for a year.
  • Al een jaar was de winkel dicht - Already for a year the shop was closed.


Silly question perhaps, but why doesn't gezien follow the -d or -t rule like other verbs in the Present Perfect do? Why is it gezien as opposed to gezied for example?


Not a silly question. It's because it's one of a class of verbs called 'strong verbs' which have irregular past tense forms. It's a Germanic grammatical feature. Most of the English irregular verbs (like freeze-froze-frozen) are a remnant of this feature from Old English. Why called 'strong verbs' you say (as opposed to weak verbs like 'duwen')? It simply refers to the fact that the stem vowel is changed in the verb's past tense instead of the end of the word (zag/zagen instead of zide/ziden) . The ending in the participle form of the verb also doesn't change. There are plenty of other strong verbs in Dutch - like 'slapen' (past tense: sliep/sliepen, past participle: geslapen).


shouldn't the answer be "All of my friends have seen me with her" ?


why can it not be: my friends have already seen me with her?


Because that would require a different position of al

Mijn vrienden hebben mij al met haar gezien.

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