"The pupil writes the report under the direction of the teacher."

Translation:Scríobhann an dalta an thuairisc faoi threoir an mhúinteora.

4 years ago



Why should "Scríobhann an dalta an thuairisc faoi threoir an mhúinteora" AND "Scríobhann an dalta an tuairisc faoi threoir an mhúinteora" both be chosen here?

I lost all my hearts because it first showed me an thuairisc, so I assumed it was a feminine word & only that form would be accepted...

4 years ago

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Even though tuairisc is feminine, an tuairisc is the correct form, since lenition isn’t applied to a nominative feminine noun following an if the noun begins with D, S, or T. The course was wrong when it showed you an thuairisc as being correct.

4 years ago

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Still not corrected. 25/10-14.

4 years ago
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