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  5. "Você vê as áreas azuis?"

"Você as áreas azuis?"

Translation:Do you see the blue areas?

October 13, 2014



maybe it's the red states vs. the blue states!


I don't know why you got two downvotes. I could imagine (as applies to the United States) a map showing the red areas for states that lean Republican and blue areas for states that lean Democrat. I really do wish that people would explain the downvote instead of just quickly hitting the little down arrow and going about their merry way.


I'm giving you a lingot for that, ThanKwee, because I don't get it either. I use the downvote only if someone says something insulting or racist.


Kind people unite! haha


There is red and blue in the UK too. =]

And blue zones where a high percentage of the people live to be over 100.


But it's Tories = blue and labour = red. Makes more sense to me that the socialists are red (although Democrats aren't all socialists)


They must be the land!


Really not clear audio. Very poor robot voice on this one


Not now. New and improved voice!


Are you able TO see the blue areas.


Already fixed, thanks. Please report any mistakes using the correct channels - commenting here may not be enough for us to fix things.


In Brazil Área Azul or Zona Azul are places located in crowded streets or avenues mainly in downtown where you can park for a period of time and you pay a small amount of money for that like 0,50 R$ for half an hour or 1,00 R$ for an hour and if you pass the time that you paid for you probably will get a traffic ticket.

PS: Please someone could correct my grammar errors?


I didn't detect any grammar error. In fact, when I read this comment I thought you were a native English speaker. I guess if I read it again, I would have probably said "downtown" instead of "in downtown", and it should be "go past the time" instead of "pass the time"


And I heard of the Festival Folclórico de Parintins where there are also blue and red zones in the city according to the opposing teams and their fans.


Isn't it possible to put "Have you seen the blue areas"?


= você viu...?

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