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Danish Determiners - a suggestion to tip & notes section

It would be really helpful, if the tip & notes section could be extended to include a table of the pronouns that are used in the exercises. I just kinda guessed which form might be right (so I wrote Swedish :D). Jeg kan godt lide your grammar tables, Danish team, so please keep them coming! :) Just like before: headings for common gender, neuter, plural and rows for:- al/alt/alle - ingen/intet/ingen - hver/hvert/- - nogen/noget/nogle - anden/andet/andre - sådan/sådan/sådanne - /lidt/få

October 13, 2014

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Sorry about the formatting (or lack of it). I tried '*' and '- ' and HTML tags (<p></p> and <br>), but nothing seems to work :/

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