Streak lost?

It seems that over the weekend, I have lost my streak. The graph does show that I got 12 XP on Saturday, but it says I only have a one day streak, as though I did not get any XP on Saturday... :(

Not that it's really important to me, just thought I'd report what seems to be a bug in the streak calculation.

October 13, 2014


It could be that you are part of the A/B test of the Coach facility where you can set a daily target instead of relying on the default 1 XP. There has been a lots of issues with this apparently so I am assuming you did not reach your target despite having earned 12 XP. You should be able to see your target as it has replaced the graph showing your XP between levels on the home page.

Ah, yes, that sounds logical. I hadn't realized that that was an implication of setting a higher goal... :)

Okay so it was indeed due to that new coach feature.

I set it to 10 XP. Yesterday I gained exactly 10XP, which is shown as a filled point in the graph, but still it now says 1 day streak instead of the expected 3 day streak.

Like I said, it's not a big deal but that does definitely look like it's a bug. Because either you have to gain MORE than the set goal of 10, but then the dot on the graph should be open... Or it's sufficient to MATCH the goal but then the streak shouldn't reset. :)

I avoided clicking on the coach and setting a goal. A couple of days ago in a DL upgrade I was greeted by the owl who did not give me a choice I had to choose the level of seriousness of my studying by saying how much time I spend per day there was an indication at the time that I could reset this goal. Based on my normal amount of time I spend I choose "serious". The owl set my goal at 30 pts per day. The other day although I spent my usual time studying I was doing a skill that was difficult for me and only made 10 pts the next day my streak was down to 0. :'( looked for a place to reset the goal to a lower level so I don't loose my streak in the future when struggling through a difficult lessons. Does anyone know how to reset the goal. I work from an android tablet.

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