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  5. "Girafferne har lange halse."

"Girafferne har lange halse."

Translation:The giraffes have long necks.

October 13, 2014



What is the difference between "nakken" and "halse", apart from articles and numbers?


"Hals" refers to either the neck as a whole or specifically the front part of the neck (including throat) and "nakke" refers to the back part of the neck. So "hals" is what you refer to when you say that you have a sore throat, whereas "nakke" is what you refer to when you say you have neck pain. That's at least what it's like in German (where the same distinction is made).


What about "Strube"?


I think that correlates well with 'throat'.


The throat is the front part of the neck, whilst the neck is the whole section between the shoulders to the head. http://wordinfo.info/unit/4304/ip:2/il:N


A good way to remember to distinguish it is by remembering the Hals caramels for the sore throat xD


So "hals" is neck and "nakke" is nape? Simple.


It is probably best to think of "hals" as referring to the throat (meaning the soft tissue including the esophagus and trachea) and "nakke" as referring to the musculoskeletal part of the neck. In English, picture the difference in what you feel between a sore throat and a sore neck. At least - that is what I have found so far in using the two in Denmark.


Where is the difference between neck and throat, if there is one?


Damn it Jim, I'm a musician, not a doctor, but I've kind of always held "throat" to be more of an internal thing, and "neck" to be external. Sore throat=inside, sore neck=outside. Again, no degrees to back this up.

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Very true. The throat more specifically being the part that you swallow with, and not ex. the adam's apple.


So shouldn't this sentence include 'nakke' instead of 'halse'?


Nakke is singular, you'd use the plural nakker.
And no, it shouldn't. Nakke refers to the back of the neck only, while hals speaks about the entire thing.

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so nakke is really "nape" in English?


If you have a long neck, it's likely you'll have a long throat, but this is a strange translation.

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