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  5. "Cé hiad na hoibrithe?"

" hiad na hoibrithe?"

Translation:Who are the workers?

October 13, 2014



why is there no verb? Who they the workers? should not there be a for to bí in there? Just curious.


Cé, along with other question words (I believe) hide the copula.


Who are the workers


Could someone explain the various versions of they? Why is hiad here?


iad is needed because of na. It's prefixed with an h because of . Irish really doesn't like two vowels coming together... as seen by the h on oibrithe


Kinda like Italian and French, they often avoid hiatuses (vowels coming together) by using different prepositions or possessive pronouns (sa amie becomes son amie, a un becomes ad un), or élision (la art becomes l'art, il uomo becomes l'uomo). Simply put, they avoid what I call "uncomfortable letter combos".


The single most common word pair in Irish is Tá an.

Irish has absolutely no problem with "vowels coming together" - the language is full of such examples. There are places where "clashing vowels" have traditionally been avoided, but they are actually the exception, rather than the rule.


But it doesn't say anything about lenition after question words :( Isn't it iad because of bí? (Is + siad= is iad ??)


It's not lenition. It's a different mutation where an h is prefixed, often when two vowels come together. And it's iad because of an implied copula. uses siad

  • 1637

Irish keeps amazing me every day :) Under : https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irish_initial_mutations#Changes_to_vowel-initial_words, scroll down to “Otherwise, there is the prothetic onset h…”. I think that's it

And thank you very much galaxyrocker for all your useful comments ! :)


Its not. It means 'are they"


I just guessed. Is this right. Does it need to be fixed?


This is right, so it doesn’t need to be fixed.


would it be like saying "who are they, the workers?" (sorry i know everyone already asked! is there somewhere i can read about this, does anyone know?)


Yes, it would be like saying that.

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