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Streak on Android not equal to desktop due to the coach

Since the coach function is messing up the streaks, and I failed to hit my coach goal yesterday, I almost lost my streak without knowing.

On my mobile I just need 1 XP point to keep my streak going, on my desktop I needed 30XPs. So I met my goal yesterday with getting 21XP points on my mobile but not on my desktop. Since I do not get any reminders of this "problem" because on my mobile I reached my streak (it shows that). I think the coach function should not be connected to the streak.....

So my streak on my mobile is 251 and on my desktop 250....

I like the coach but will not use it in this way unfortunately

October 13, 2014

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maybe it has something to do with the mobile app like a bug in it I'd try to do duolingo on your desktop more.

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