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Duolingo'ers, not FB friends

it would be nice to have duolingo'ers as co-learners. my FB friends aren't interested in learning a new language or else are much more proficient than I. y'all could match the skill level like in online puzzle games and such?

June 16, 2013



So start "friending" Duolingo users so you can compete with each other...


ya, that'd be great to have games to play with each other...like a version of scrabble or boggle


Other language scrabble vs other users would be brilliant :D



This person doesn't agree

  • "Who wants to play it in six languages?" player Helen Hawkins, from Kent, asked the BBC.


Yeah but a language unique scrabble like game that uses only the words in the Duolingo database would be sweet.


I didn't say I agree with that person. Not sure about your suggestion either as it could be frustrating for people who know more words than Duolingo.


Yeah, as ziggKogg has said (and he's one of my friends I compete with!) I've started adding people who are at a similar stage of levels as me and those who have been nice enough to reply to queries etc. For me, I find that it's good to see that other people are not only still using the product, but also are starting to beat me! Without making it 'coins or nothing' learning, it helps keep me motivated to go on.


My point is that I don't want to use my FB account for this purpose.


Here's the thing about Facebook. I don't have one, and I don't plan on having one. I have no need for one. Quite a few of my friends don't have a Facebook either, though a couple of them plan on getting one soon, but I don't need one. I would like to have friends on Duolingo practicing German with me. Maybe a friend chat-room on Duolingo?

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