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"The girl is thinking of her dog and her cat."

Translation:Pigen tænker på sin hund og sin kat.

October 13, 2014



From what I understand, "hendes hund og hendes kat" would also be appropriate here, for example if she was not thinking about "her own" dog and cat but those of a neighbour.


Why "på" generally translated as "on" and not "om" which is generally translated "about"?


Part of it has to do with the fact that often times prepositions don't translate directly between different languages. Thankfully a lot of Danish prepositions have a lot in common with English ones. Then, add in verbs that require prepositions and it makes everything even messier. These are just one of those things that you have to memorize, especially when some verb+preposition combinations can completely change the meaning of the verb. Romance languages are super crazy about this.


I wondered that as well.


I think and ask the same than lindaslair


again why not it in german it is used dobto the nueter case not hended or her it looks weird but its translated in english as it if you read faust they write it and refer to girls

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