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pronunciation - words said differently depending on usage

The word "live" can be pronounced one way as in "We live in the red house" or an other way as in "The band played live. I notice in the section "Lugares - I know spanish - I want to learn english" the pronunciation is the "wrong" one.

Not sure how many languages have this same dilemma or how easy it is for the computer generated voice to be fixed.

June 16, 2013



You should report this using the "report a problem" button on the page where it occurs.


Working across all 6 languages, I find this is mostly an issue in the learning English section and a little bit in the learning German section. Common English ones are those like 'wind, record, live' and also the way the speaker pronounces 'fertig' in German always puts my knickers in a knot ;-)

I have reported these many times, but have not noticed any change. Duolingo seems to be very prompt when one reports a translation issue, but when one reports a vocal issue, it doesn't seem to change. Maybe it is just a harder thing to fix the vocals.

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