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  5. "Er det i det mindste muligt?"

"Er det i det mindste muligt?"

Translation:Is it at least possible?

October 13, 2014



What's the difference between i det mindste, and i mindst? I mean, when would you use one over the other?


My guess would be it's similar to the (now rather archaic) "in the least [bit]", and "at least".

Er det i det mindste muligt? - Is it in the least (bit) possible? Er det i mindst muligt? - Is it at least possible?

Need a proper Dansk speaker to give a real answer though, this is just a guess.


What is the purpose of the second 'det'?


Again, just a guess, but I would assume that this Danish phrase more directly translates to "in the least" but an English speaker would use "at least" in translation.

So "Is it in the least possible?" becomes a more natural "Is it at least possible?"


Another sentence was "vi spiser i mindst en time". In this sentence, there is an "e" in "mindste". Why is that?


I am not 100% sure either, but I think that it may have to do with the difference between predicative and attributive words. In English grammar it would be the difference between "the dog is the best" and "the best dog."

Does anyone else know for sure whether I am completely off base or not?


For the "pick the words" question, I chose "is it at all possible?" which was marked wrong. I am curious what others think.

I know it doesn't use the word "least", but I think we have established a literal translation would be bad English.

Also, maybe "is it in the least bit possible?" would be a better translation if we are aiming for something close to the literal version.


Somewhat like 'In the realm of possibility'


" Aftensmaden er ret dyr " meaning the dinner is pretty expensive.. but hOw cOme "dyr" expensive because "dyr" means an animal.. can anyOne explain me, please ..!!


dyr in Danish means animal and is related to the English word "deer" (which used to mean any small animal but now refers to a particular kind of animal).

dyr in Danish also means expensive and is related to the English word "dear" (precious, valuable, costly).

The two words used to be separate but have fallen together through sound changes in Danish -- just as they did in pronunciation in English, though English still spells them differently.


Most would say in english "is it at all possible?" Is it in the least possible is very odd english phrase

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