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"Did they use paint on canvas in the Golden Age?"

Translation:Gebruikten zij in de Gouden Eeuw verf op doek?

October 13, 2014



I reported ' Hebben ze verf op doek in de gouden eeuw gebruikt?', pretty sure it is OK too.


It's strange to use the perfect present in this sentence (just like it would be in English)


To me, he is correct. I don't get why you both say its wrong. I used Gebruikten zij verf op doek in de Gouden Eeuw? (which is correct), but maybe I could have also used that sentence he wrote.


In English it is strange, in Dutch there are different rules and you use perfect time for the past unless it is not the whole story which took place in the past or you refer to something what you have already mentioned and you continue the sentence or describing what has happened. As far as I am infirmed. Anyway sometimes I am little confused with how Duo uses this tenses, but maybe also I still do not know everything and do not feel this language fully enough...


No, time should come first.


I also would used this time rather...


Is it not possible to use an "er" construction? Werd er verf op doek gebruikt in de Gouden Eeuw?


It sure is, but that would become a passive sentence and not the actual translation of this sentence. However, the construction in itself is perfectly right.


Why is gebruiken wrong? it is one of the pull down choices.


Did you use the past tense 'gebruikten'?

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