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  5. "He writes about our age."

"He writes about our age."

Translation:Ele escreve sobre a nossa época.

June 16, 2013


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Is 'Ele escreve de nossa idade' wrong?


Does it have to be ¨Ele escreve sobre a nossa época,¨ or can I leave ¨a¨ out?


Yeah. You can omit "a"


Cool. I reported it anyway :P


I left it out (not on purpose though) and was told I chose the wrong word and it should be, "Ele escreve sobre nosso tempo." :(


To me the sentence relates to our age, as in how old we are. Can one translation be Ele escreve sobre a nossa idade?


If I dropped "Ele" at the start. It should still be understandable because "escreve" has him built-in, right?


Then it can be "ele", "ela", "você", "a gente",...


Yes, right. But if we were in the middle of a conversation and we know whom we was being talked about.


Yes, in this context it works.


Is época the preferred translation for age? Would tempo or era make sense, or would it be weird?


our age is plural there is more than one person's age to write about


I see what you're saying! But, I believe the sentence, when talking about "our age", refers to something to the tune of "our era" or "our time", not our age as in how old we are as individuals- but your confusion makes perfect sense, don't worry!


'Our age' when talking about personal years / idade is singular, because you would only say it if we are all the same age. If we are different ages, it would be 'our ages'.


I have a friend who was born the same year as I. We are the same age. The given sentence does not provide enough context to differentiate 1) that the people speaking to each other are referring to the epoch nor 2) that they are referring to their shared age in 'years of life lived in this incarnation'.

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