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Number, upside down heart and heart - what do they mean?

Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to read my discussion topic.

I am wondering what the number and two hearts signifies at the bottom of everyones comments. I assume the hearts are for users to "like" and "unlike" the comments, but what does that do to the comment?

Also, when I "like"/ "heart" someones post, it brings their number down. What does the number mean?

Thanks again for taking the time to read this. I tried using the search bar to find an answer, but after reading many posts - I had no luck.


June 16, 2013



It's a common misconception that they are hearts. They are actually arrows. Up is positive and down is negative. This voting system influences the order of posts. The more popular a comment, the higher it will be in a discussion. Posts with the same popularity will be sorted based on which was made first. Posts that get too many negative votes (down arrow) might be hidden from direct view.


Thank you very much! Wow, that is a bad assumption I made (you know what they say about ass-umptions). I just negatively voted quite a few helpful posts, and vice-versa. Woops. Thank you for the clarification!


You're welcome, thanks for asking. You're not the first to make that mistake and your question might actually be helpful to others. Have fun learning!

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