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"Man has the ability to speak."

Translation:De mens heeft het vermogen om te spreken.

October 13, 2014



If the sentence doesn't change meaning at all, "Om" can or even has to be left out. http://taaladvies.net/taal/advies/vraag/597/om_hij_ging_weg_niet_meer_terug_te_komen/


"Om" is indeed optional here. However, it is different from the examples given in your link, where "om" has the meaning of "vervolgens" or "waarna". In Dutch the phrase "het vermogen om te ... " is commonly used and perfectly acceptable.


Can someone explain why it is "De mens" and not just "Mens please?


It's just the way it's said in Dutch. Without de it sounds awkward.

[deactivated user]

    It would be nice if Duo hints would include such things. The hint is only "mens".

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