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What's the highest level being planned?

I know we currently have 25 levels. That's cool and all, but I'm wondering if the Duolingo staff plan on releasing more levels? What will we see as our max? Will that keep forever rising? Is level 100 planned on being the max? What's the plan here? Also, will there be more exercises for us to do for each language?

tl;dr; Is there going to be levels above level 25?

June 16, 2013



I think it would best for Duolingo to fix the mistakes they have now and then build from there. I may, however, just be saying that because I am not even close to the end.


It'd be nice to know regardless if they at least plan to go to level 100 or something, but just don't have the resources to allocate to that at the moment. That's the purpose of this thread.


Who here is at level 25?! If you are, then maybe you've beaten Duolingo for that language and should go have conversations with native speakers instead of retesting yourself to get a higher level. Could always start another language too. I don't think a cap on level 25 is reducing the fun or challenge of Duo!


I was wondering the same. There is a ceiling on the exercises.


Yeah, I wonder if they'll create more exercises for each language as well.


Probably only 25 since I guess they already have 4 languages set up for 25. Don't see why they couldn't just raise the number though.


The team said that they try to figure out away to let users add more languages so may be the same way will let them add more exercises.

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