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  5. "Han præsenterer kvinden."

"Han præsenterer kvinden."

Translation:He presents the woman.

October 13, 2014



I put 'wowman' instead of 'woman'... xD At least it accepted it as a typo C:


Wow-man, that's a neat typo. I'll leave now.


What does this mean?


The phrase can be used in different contexts.

"To present" can mean "to introduce". In my area of N. America, "introduce" is more commonly used, and "present" is more formal.

  • He introduces [someone] to [somebody else]
  • He presents [someone] to [somebody else]
  • He introduces each new employee to their new colleagues.

"To present" can mean "to give".

  • He presents the woman with a thank you gift.
  • He presents the woman with an award.

"To present" can mean to offer ideas or suggestions or to depict something. For example, from book reviews/movie reviews:

  • The director presents the woman's reaction to the event in a series of four close-ups, jerkily edited together.


God after telling Adam why he took his rib

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