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  5. "Ist es schon Freitag?"

"Ist es schon Freitag?"

Translation:Is it Friday already?

October 13, 2014



whats the difference between " Schon " and "Bereits" please ............... :)


There is no difference in the meaning, "schon" is just more common in everyday speech.


In a previous discussion it was pointed out that "bereits" refers to a condition whereas "schon" refers only to time. Because I am unoriginal I'll use the example the previous discussion used:

If you are upstairs in your house hiding from the zombie apocalypse you would say, "Sie sind bereits im Hause" However, in a much more peaceful time, if you are waiting for your friends to come to your place for dinner you would say, "Sie sind schon im Hause."

Zombies already in your house is a condition, whereas friends arriving for dinner is about time.

At least that is what was discussed. Sounded legit...


In both cases I would use "schon" and "bereits" interchangeably. And as I already said, in spoken language "schon" is almost always preferred over "bereits".


In the sentence about zombies, how do you differentiate between the zombies being yet to enter the house and already being in the house?


I put "Is it already Friday?" and it was marked wrong. Why is that wrong? Or is it a mistake?


Same thing, I got confused


Is it friday yet, and, Is it friday already , have different implications regarding the passing of time. Really very different questions. How do you tell the difference in german?


In English it works either way friday already or already friday


I've just translated this sentence four times in a row. Being correct every time. Is it a method or a lottery?


Same for me... Poor work here by Duolingo..


schon is translated as both yet and already, but these are kind of opposites in english... how do you convey the specific meaning?


schon is translated as both yet and already, but these are kind of opposites in english... how do you convey the specific meaning?

I would like to know the answer, too.


Should have been: "Ist es schon Montag?" :/


I guess he had to much beer on Thursday. ( One of the other sentences.)


And the reason you cannot put the schon after Freitag is because of the adverb-coming-after-the-verb rule?


I will forever relate sentences like this with Horvathslos. (MELIBAAAAAR!)


Why couldn't it be i"st es schon Freitag?


Is this the Krusty Krab?

No this is Patrick.


Leider ist es nicht :/


I typed "Is it already Friday?" and it said that was wrong. The next time I typed "Is it Friday already?" and it said that was wrong - the correct answer is, "Is it Friday already?"!! What is going on?


Two types of pronunciation here, the question says 'frei dag' and the choice for the answer says 'frei tak'.. which ones correct?


Freitag kann nicht kommt bald genug (I hope I wrote this correctly if not I do apologize and please correct me)

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