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Change username?

Would it be possible for me to change my username? Thank you

April 28, 2012



Yes, If you change your username and hit save changes and the button turns gray, then the username is taken. The way you know its worked is a little icon will come up, similar to the save changes button, and it will say saved. Then you will see in the upper right corner that your icon has changed. ;)


I've done that but it keeps changing me back. What do I do?


Username probably taken


that keeps happening to me as well, Ive changed it five times.


Whoa, thanks--sorry for the n00b question, never thought it would be that easy...


Every time I try to change my username it will never save it/even change it. And yes I did hit 'save changes' but it still won't work. If any one knows how to fix this please tell me.


Logout, login and then change your username.


No but it says invalid username


Thanks I am sorry Gracias lo siento


Hello, I really want to take all these numbers off of my username, but I can't seem to save my username even when I click the 'Save Changes' button. I try to reload, log out, log back in, but I can't change it! Can someone please help me? It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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