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"Indholdet i min taske er det samme som i din taske."

Translation:The content in my bag is the same as in your bag.

October 14, 2014



In English you would always use the plural "contents" not the singular "content" in this context. I tried to flag the sentence as grammatically incorrect but the system wouldn't let me so I am posting a comment. :)


I agree with the other comments. The English translation sounds better as "the contents of....."


I think it would be better as the contents. The content sounds funky.

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"the contents of" sounds best to me


How has the poor English translation still not changed after a year of people pointing it out and flagging it?


Dear God, there is so much wrong with the English source text that it should be used in English courses as a model for bad English. Strange because most Danes usually show a better mastery of English. (1) Content, unless otherwise specified for a very particular reason such as the content of a legal document or the content of a prayer, is almost always plural so it should be “contents” - even if the contents so described are a single item. For example, “the contents of this box were one key”. (2) With very few exceptions reference is made to the contents “of” something. I can think of no case in which the appropriate preposition would be “in” except where there is an implied verb linked to an adjective which is present. An example might be (referring once again to a document) “the content in red” where there is an implied verb such as “printed”, “underlined” or “marked”. In those cases “in” does not refer to a location (“in the document”) but to an adjectival mode. The correct preposition here is “of”.

In this case, the sentence should have been “the contents of my bag are the same as yours” (a second “of” before “yours” is implied and not necessary for good English). Sorry to go on at such length but it is just infuriating to have a potentially brilliant language teaching system so seriously flawed by errors which would not occur if all the texts were checked by comptetent native language speakers. Not that Duolingo will take any notice as I see that a similar point was made four years ago and clearly nothing has happened.


I wish these nosy characters would stop rummaging through somebody else's bags!


The contents of my bag would sound more natural. This is a case where it would be good to make a point of contrasting a Danish singular with an English plural.


I was able to flag it. Even if the bags contained one item, you would use plural in both.

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I agree with the previous comments. 'The content in my bag' is correct English grammar, but you would rarely use the singular in this context. It's quite awkward phrasing.


The audio is also still bad. When will you do something to improve it, DUO?


I used ‘my bag contains the same as your bag’. It was marked wrong. Why? It is better English.


Surely it should be 'The contents of my bag .'.

If it were a book that would be different and you would say ' The content of my book ..'


Same comment. "The contents of my bag...". Duolingo: please fix! If your English is incorrect how can we trust that the Danish we are learning is correct?


In English, it is more likely to translate as 'the contents of my bag' - we pluralise content in this context, and use 'of' rather than 'in'

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