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  5. "É uma formiga."

"É uma formiga."

Translation:It is an ant.

June 16, 2013



Is there an other way to say "It is" ? Is "É" the shorter way, and there's an other way where the "it" is taken into account ? (i'm sorry if it's not very clear)


"It" is called a "dummy subject" in English because every verb needs a subject. Portuguese doesn't have that rule.


"It" can also be translated as isto/isso when it is related to a visible thing, an object. (Example: está chovendo = it is raining / then you omit "it")


Ok, and if I want to say "The bird eats / it eats (it refering to the bird), do I say "ELE come" ? Or is there a neutral gender like in english and german ?


Most of the cases in Duolingo allow and recognize spelling mistakes and still mark it as correct. But writing "Its" instead of "It's" returns it as a "wrong" answer


Ohh that's because it only accepts it as a mistake when you don't accidentally end up writing another word which also exists :\

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