"Los caballos no son los mejores."

Translation:The horses are not the best.

5 years ago



I thought MEJOR was BETTER in English

4 years ago


"Best" and "worst" as adjectives are usually expressed in Spanish using mejor (plural mejores) and peor (plural peores), respectively, preceded by a definite article (el, la, los or las). A few examples:

el mejor presidente, the best president el mejor ejemplo, the best example la mejor cámara, the best camera los mejores estudiantes, the best students

3 years ago


Mejor means more than just, "better."

Its main meaning is, best. As an adjective it can mean, best, better, or lead.
As an adverb it can mean, best, or better.

I think the basic idea here is that when one thing is better than another that situation automatically makes it the best of the two. So, essentually, better and best are equivalents.

4 years ago


Yeah I put better and got it wrong. :(

4 years ago

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But then it says "los mejores" and that translation would read as "the horses are not the better" which obviously doesn't sound right.

3 years ago


When doing translation, sometimes words can have multiple meanings and you have to translate the one that makes the most sense. Mejor can be better or best. But you wouldn't say in English, "The horses are not the better." If the sentence was "Los Caballos no son mejor," then it would be 'The horses are not better."

4 years ago


I translated, "the horses are not the oldest ones." Given the context of similar quesstions in this section it made sense to me that mejor not only meant better, best, or lead, but also that it could mean eldest.

Does this apply only when the subjects are human? It appears so. Thanks!

3 years ago


That's mayor, not mejor.

2 years ago


umm... can i ask what is the difference for 'mejores' and 'muy bien'? i mean in english it's like the superlative is kinda based on an original form (good and best), but is it the same in spanish? there doesn't seem to be a 'base form' for 'mejores'... also sorry for the long question but, can i say 'muy mejor (i assume 'mejor' is for singular)? thank you for all replying! :)

4 years ago


I sometimes confuse the meaning of "mejores" with "mujeres", which makes this a very unusual sentence...

2 years ago


The horses are not better. (you get my point)

9 months ago


they can't all be American Pharoah

3 years ago


Why "los" is here used before the adjective "mejores" ? "Los" has already used before "caballos". Why is it needed again?

1 year ago


I just noticed on the drop-down definition for mejores, one of the options is "(you) give birth". o_o

9 months ago


Those horses are not the best. (Is this wrong?)

9 months ago

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That would be "Esos caballos..."
Los just means "the".

7 months ago


It's true "The horses are not the best"In my choice Lions

6 months ago
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