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My Daily XP is Not Always Registered

I'm new to this, but I've noticed that on some days when I study late at night, the next day my XP shows as zero as if I didn't do anything. I thought there might be a time zone problem, so I make sure I'm done before midnight eastern time. I even tried lowering the xp to 1 to see if it would carry over to the next day.

I only see XP's when they are over 10. Otherwise, the system starts over at a one day streak.

Example: I finished Sunday night at 11:56 pm an saw that it registered 1 XP. Today, I log in and it is back to zero and on a one day streak, negating all the past days.

I've been using this religiously for the past 15 days. Anyone else have this problem?

October 14, 2014



Looking at your activity log, there seem to be several days where no activity was registered. Specifically, there was no activity for 10/3, 10/5, 10/7, 10/12. It appears that you finished a lesson on 10/13 at 4:00:28 (maybe this is the activity you're referring to with finishing at 11:56), but since you're in America/Detroit timezone this counted for 00:00:28 on 10/13. Are you possibly using the mobile app in offline mode? Or perhaps the clock you're checking against is a few minutes off?


i'm in America, New York time zone. I believe you are correct, my phone may have switched to offline during the workday (to avoid interruptions at meetings). If so, does it not sync when the phone goes online?


at midnight it is a new day so it will automatically reset you have to remember it is a daily goal so when its a new day it's a new goal.


i understand that it is a new day. That's why at 11 pm i sometimes rush to finish on my phone when away from the computer. I had thought that when the phone synced or updated, it would register the work done. My bad. Guess that's not in the program yet. Looks like this will be happening a lot since I use it on the phone a lot. just happened again last night, now i'm back to one.

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