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My French strength bars not filling up

I have a problem with two French skills- Communication and Abstract Objects 2. Even though I have passed them many times my strength never goes from 4 to 5/5. Does anyone know what this is about?

October 14, 2014



It should go up maybe try to redo the assignments that you have passed and see what that will do and if that dose not work click the support tab.


Thanks for replying! I did the assignments many times and they get to 4 but never to 5/5. And now I've noticed that I have the same problem with more skills. It's really discouraging. And I have sent an email to the support crew and there's still no reply. Hope they fix it! Cheers


I am having the same problem with v Pres 3. I repeatedly complete the exercise and don't get credit. I have emailed support but no response. I did notice that a few weeks ago they were giving strength bars for only completing part of an exercise, so even if you ran out of hearts, you got a strength bar. Perhaps they corrected that but created another problem. Shades of Microsoft.


Thanks for replying! Yep, I did not get a reply from the support crew as well. And I have noticed that the same thing has been happening with more skills. I hope they work it out soon because this is really annoying. Cheers!


i have stopped usung the app because more often than not i am not getting any progress recorded for completed activities. very frustrating. may be related to the comments below. i have never received a reply for emails sent to support.

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