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"The children decided not to touch it."

Translation:Børnene besluttede ikke at røre den.

October 14, 2014



Doesn't this technically mean "the children did not decide to..."? I think there's a difference between "not decide to do something" and "decide not to do something". Could you also say "Børnene besluttede at røre den ikke"?


If I say "Børnene besluttede ikke" this means "The children didn't decide". So I think that the correct translation of "The children decided not to touch it" should be something like this "Børnene besluttede at røre ikke det".


Is there a reason why "den" is used here instead if "det"?


they didn't decide?? or they decided not to touch...


Why not "røre ved den"?


When does "for at + verb" is used and when not? Thanks for an explanation.


There is clearly a lot of confusion on the sentence structure and word order for this sentence. Please give some explanation. In my case I said Børnene besluttede sige at røre den ikke. For many of us it seems that the ikke should follow not precede the word røre


Why isn't it besluttede sige?

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