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  5. Ist ihnen schlecht?


Ist ihnen schlecht?

Duolingo translates this as "Are they sick?" but "ihnen" shouldn't have "ist", should it? Is this a German idiomatic form?

September 21, 2012



That's because "ihnen" is not the subject of the sentence in the german version. It is the Indirect Object, that's why it is Dativ ("ihnen" instead of "sie"), it means "to/with them" not "they".

The confusing thing with this sentence is that the subject is not shown, a very uncommon situation in German. The full version would be "Ist (es) ihnen schlecht?" = "Is (something) wrong with them?"


I think a good translation could also be "Sind sie Krank?", isn't it?


We discussed this about a week ago in two longer threads. But I haven't searched for the links.


Thanks for that, Idontknow. I see that it was the lack of subject that confused me.


Thanks, Kragi. I'll have a look for the link.

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