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"Wir haben schon Mittagessen gegessen."

Translation:We have already eaten lunch.

June 16, 2013



Hello. So why is "We have already eaten dinner." translated to "Wir haben schon zu Abend gegessen." while "We have already eaten lunch." is "Wir haben schon Mittagessen gegessen."?

Can I say instead "Wir haben schon Abendessen gegessen." for dinner? Is there another to say the we've eaten lunch that refers to the time of day?


"We have already eaten lunch." can perfectly be translated to "Wir haben schon zu Mittag gegessen." That's what I prefer (being a native German speaker). "Wir haben schon Abendessen gegessen." or "Wir haben schon Abendbrot gegessen" is correct for "We have already eaten dinner." To me "Abendessen gegessen" and "Mittagessen gegessen" sound slightly odd because of the double "-essen". But it is not wrong at all. And if you like to rhyme ... :-)


We have already eaten our lunch

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