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  5. "The writer writes the books."

"The writer writes the books."

Translation:Scríobhann an scríbhneoir na leabhair.

October 14, 2014



Do the endings -eoir and -oir generally indicate a doer? A farmer, a writer, an artist...


I wrote 'Scríobhann An t-údar na leabhair' , is that not the same thing?


I guess same meaning but different literal translation. Writer vs author. I did the same thing though.


Can anyone explain the subject-object order here? I felt like i was getting it, and this one threw me for a loop.

Based on phrases like "Ta an hata ag an bhfear" i'd thought that the subject came after object. (Probably that's oversimplifying or anglicizing a specific set of rules followed in Gaeilge.) Is there a rule?

I put "Scríobhann na leabhair an scríbhneoir." I'm guessing that means "the books write the writer." ...which is very meta, à la fantastical realism, but not so useful here. :)


The basic word order in English is subject-verb-object (SVO). The basic word order in Irish is verb-subject-object (VSO).

But Irish doesn't have a verb that means "have", so the subject in "the man has the hat" is not the subject in Tá an hata ag an bhfear - different verbs, different subjects. In Irish, an hata is the subject of the verb.


Ohhhh, that's super helpful. Gonna let that one sink in. Thanks for the swift reply! Go raibh maith agat!

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