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  5. "Mo theach."

"Mo theach."

Translation:My house.

October 14, 2014



Sa lár de mo shráid!


Woo hoo! This comment 'told' me what that picture a couple of questions ago was! (sráid) Even though I'm only kind of guessing that you had the same song in your head as I just did:-)


That pronunciation is god awful


Yeah, I'm kinda agreeing with you. the th sounded more like a ch to me. I would have thought it would have been more on the silent side.


'Mo' sounds like 'm[ə' because "In an unstressed syllable, in many Irish dialects, every short vowel is spoken as a schwa" (nualeargais.ie). As we are learning the Connacht dialect here, a question for the natives among us: is there any more precise rule (than "sometimes") in Connacht dialect? My instinct would be to think that it happens in this example because it facilitates following with 'ha'...?

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