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  5. "Hun spiser mad."

"Hun spiser mad."

Translation:She eats food.

October 14, 2014



Is this a typical pronunciation of "mad"? it sounds to me like she is saying mill. is anyone else getting that?


I certainly feel like I'll need some supplementary resources for pronounciation, I haven't got the hang of it yet. Also, I wonder who is downvoting the comments? That was a perfectly legitimate question. edit: I found out there's a post about pronounciation at the discussions. oops. I'm leaving it, for there might be other lost souls out there


Yes it is a soft "d" in the end [mell] . Danish pronunciation is really hard. Here you won't learn it so good but it is good program to learn new worlds and grammar.


Thanks! Good to have that kind of help :-)


It sounds like the L the way Londoners say "milk", but it is not the L as in "London ".


I typed "She eats meal" I guess that is not correct completely huh.


Måltid (neuter gender) means meal. This sentence uses mad (common gender), food. Both måltid and "meal" are also countable, which means you need an article.

Hun spiser et måltid. / She eats a meal.
Hun spiser mad. / She eats food.

Meals and food are two different ideas.



Is mad written with en or et?

[deactivated user]

    It reminds me, what if she was mad while eating?


    What else does and could she eat


    Candy. As everyone should know - candy is not food!!! ;-)


    use da force!!! i dont know why i even exist... i havendt even seen starwars... its so randomly said too....................... sry M8

    [deactivated user]

      Is "d" pronounced "l"in final position?


      No, that is the so-called "soft d". It is closer to the "th" sound in "the" than to "l".


      Mad sounds like "mèl" to me ... I can't catch the sound

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