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"The salt stays in the kitchen."

Translation:O sal fica na cozinha.

June 17, 2013



when did we learn fica?????


How do I know when to use fico vs fica? I know you say eu fico.... and ele or ela fica. In this case it doesnt matter that sal is masculine you would just say o sal fica? Just trying to understand the rationale


Ficar is a verb, so it conjugates. There is no adaption to the gender, but to the person it is referring to...

1st person: eu fico 2nd/3rd person: você/ele/ela fica 4th person: nós ficamos 5th/6th person: vocês/eles/elas ficam

Hope that helps you understanding :)


Why not o sal estao na cozinha


So "na" = in/on.. something feminine, and "no" = in/on.. something masculine?


Yes!!! Na = em+a / No = em+o. Plural forms: nas, nos

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