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  5. "It is tonight."

"It is tonight."

Translation:Det er i aften.

October 14, 2014



Is there any reason, why "Det er i nat" should not be accepted? I reported it.


I used 'Det er i natten'. I'd also like to know why that is not an appropriate translation.


now accepted.


Why is it "i" evening and "om" morning?


Would DET ER NAT be an acceptable translation here?


Never mind. I realize now that the term TONIGHT changes the sentence a bit.


Now I see an "i" concerning this time period, other's had "om"


Why is it "i" evening but "om" morning?


Why does it puts "det er i aften" as a typo, saying that the correct answer is "DEN er i aften"?


. . . Men bør dette ikke være korrekt i stedet?


''DEN er i nat''


No, "den" or "det" does not refer to "aften" it refers back to an, in this sentence, unknown event/thing.

Both "den" and "det" are accepted by the system. As well as "aften" and "nat".


Kære Trine,

Mange mange tak virkelig. (I think virkelig may not be used in real spoken Danish, I guess =-D )

Jeg forstår altid de grammatiske punkter let, når du hjælper mig.

(^-^ ) ( ^-^) /

Og ..., kan du bekræfte en sidste gang, at disse er korrekte?

''It is tonight''


Det / Den er i aften.

Det / Den er i nat.


No worries :)

"Virkelig" is used in spoken Danish. Much like you wrote it, to emphasize that you really mean what you say. But also in other ways.

"Jeg er virkelig træt." - I am really tired.
"Vil du virkelig gerne have salat?" - Do you really want salad?"

About "It is tonight". I would translate it as this sentence say. "Det er i aften." because "it" sounds like it represents an event of some sort and "tonight" is "aften" or "i aften".

"den" + "night" are written in as accepted translations, because "night" could mean "nat" (but IMO tonight talks about "evening" and not the part of the night where most people sleep) and "den" because the noun could be a common gender one.

But, as a standard, no context translation, you would go with "det" + "aften"


Also, one last thing, It is also suggested the following sentence as Another Correct Answer as in

''Det er i aften.''

But because aften is an -en word, should it not be ''DEN er i aften'' instead?

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