level 16

I have mastered all the topics, which has taken me to almost the end of level 16. What happens next?

September 21, 2012


Click on Translations on the top black bar and start translating a few Spanish articles - and enjoy the scintillating fashion advice (from at least four years ago) information about festivals (also from years ago) and thinly veiled advertisements trying to masquerade as opinion fluff pieces.

i have done many courses from rosseta stone, tell me more, pimsluer, learnlike crazy, but honestly you need to begin speaking whatever you can with native via friends , skype ect.. to begin having conversations. But continue to use your programs, slowly things begin to click in regards to the grammar, I can have very small talk with a friend at work and i understand a fair amount of what he says because he is used to me saying "hable más despacio" or just más despacio so often. Also i recommend watching movies that you know and can switch the audio to español to train your ear. speaking,listening,reading are all separate skills that need to be worked on, but if it brings you joy in learning like it does me it isn't work at all. I would be much farther ahead if i wasn't so shy and spoke with people more often but i read a line somewhere that said "the only way to speak a new language is to begin speaking badly" . Same as when you hear people with bad english but you know what they are trying to say and they eventually get better as people help them say whatever correctly.

You will also notice that the voice recognition is not very good with this program. As long as it hears a similar number of syllabes it seems to accept your response. I know I have made mistakes in pronunciation that get passed as ok. I have to remind myself their goal for this project is for us to translate. I don't think our pronunciation and conversational skills are a high priority. but I appreciate the opportunity to learn what I can.

Hi there, I have no idea, but I would really like to know how much your spanish has improved after mastering all the levels. Can you carry on a conversation? That is my goal, but it doesn't look promising right now.

I think you just keep on translating. That's part of the learning. Even better than simply going to the translations, click on the topics you already mastered but want to review and do the translations there, or simply do the translations on the topics where you see the white star. There is still a lot to learn, particularly additional vocabulary and verb conjugations.

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