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"Hans generation er scenen."

Translation:His generation is on the stage.

October 14, 2014



What does this even mean?


Well, it means what it says. It's complete nonsense, of course. But nonsense can make things easier to remember. I think I'm more likely to remember how to write "ninja penguins" in Danish, than "Jill has the ball". It's original, it grabs your brain. Because it's nonsense and completely silly, it sticks out.


I guess, you're right somehow. Although it's confusing to translate something which makes no sense, if you're not prepared.


Well, it makes you think harder about the grammar too :-) You have to think, does this really mean this, and ask yourself why.


Like with the whole Paul thing in the Irish course.


But, that still makes some sense. I mean sure, it isn't realistic to have a ninja penguin, but I can envision a ninja penguin and this course does silly things like that. In this case, I'm not sure if it is everybody born in the same general time period as him on a giant stage, or what. So, I second guess my translation, because it doesn't make any sense.


Just remember "All the world's a stage."

  • scratches head* how DOES one say ninja penguins? now I want to know!


Ninja pingviner...


Yes I really need to remember the phrase "er på scenen".


Stop thinking in your language and think in images like signs language a stage is the same thing here and in china, do not try to get a complete translation, get an image in your head to get the language


Must be a tight squeeze.


The English sentence is not the best example, but the word "generation" is used in the sense of "whole body of persons born about the same time".

I don't know if the Danish word "generation" is used the same way.

Examples in English:

  • As you see, we have the young generation on the stage.
  • He was inspired by the musical theatre and went on to become a voice for a new generation on the stage.
  • She lasted longer than most female members of her generation on the stage.
  • He became the Hamlet of his generation.
  • Our mission is to make sure we have the next generation on the stage, in the audience and behind the scenes.


It could mean that his generation is in charge, or making a ruckus, etc. It need not be taken literally.


I agree. The literal translation would be that tens or hundred thousand people born around the same time stand on a (real) stage. But as a figure of speech it could mean that a certain generation is being analized. We can think of a magazine article focusing on the Millennials (or generation Y), for example.


So it's not the generation that's metaphorical here, but the stage. I think that might be what's tripping some of us up.


Maybe "his generation" is the name of a rock band :p


Maybe his school generation. Like his graduating class


In Spanish, one of the main meanings of "generación" is that one, school generation. Such kind of generation can easily share stage, as it would during a graduation day.


It makes complete sense to me. It is like saying the millennial generation is being looked to for the future.


His generation is under scrutiny


Listening to the sound, I heard "Han scanner en shoner appelsin" or something like that. Then I read the sentence and things made a little bit more sense. A little bit. Although, scanning a clean orange also kinda makes sense now that I think of it.


The pronunciation on this sounds like she is saying generationen!


Is this a The Who reference? It feels like it is.


I posted "the scene" as a translation for "scenen". It was a wrong answer but got me curious. What is the Danish word for "the scene"?


However much we may love Duolingo, we need to recognize as a defect this penchant for dumb sentences. There is an infinity of sentences that do make sense.


Look at all the posts here and wonder why we are clawing for meaning in a dumb sentence, when we could more productively be studying Danish, real Danish.


Why "scene" is not correct?

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