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  5. "Entre verde e branco"

"Entre verde e branco"

Translation:Between green and white

October 14, 2014



This can also be "In between green and white"


I put between whitw and green. Apparently the order matters. Lol.


The difference between 'e' and 'é' got me. :(


Yeah, «e» is pronounced like the "ee" in "beet," while «é» is pronounced a bit like the "e" in "bed." :) Plus, «entre verde é branco» would sound kinda silly and nonsensical: "Between green is white" :D


Currently it is not noticeably audible on the fast version but when I hover over "e" it is pronounced, "eh" which is the "é" sound, no?


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What is this phrase supposed to mean...?


You see a color for which you don't know the name, so you say that it is a color that's somewhere "between green and white." Seems like a nice creamy lime color. :)


White isn't a single color though. You could call any type of green "creamy." This is a very weird phrase.


Lol, yes, but, colloquially, both "white" and "black" are colors, even though they are not scientifically. I would not call forest green "creamy." I guess I was just thinking of pistachio ice cream. :P


Ugh, I guess I could imagine someone colloquially saying "between green and white," although I don't think I've ever heard anyone say it. Nobody says navy blue is "between blue and black." They just say it's dark blue.


If you scroll all the way to the bottom and click on "[show]" for "Shades of Green," I could totally see myself saying that "mint cream," "honeydew," or even "malachite" is a mix between green and white. (:,( tears because there is no celadon included in the catalog)


Or if you're painting multi-colored stripes on the wall and your helper asks where you want the yellow stripe.


I think it can also mean your futbol team dressed in green and white enters the pitch to play a game, no?


Oops I meant white. Ive got fat thumbs.


what about the word "among" ?


In English, "between" when the comparison is being made involves two things and "among" when it involves more than two.

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