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How many vocabulary words will I Learn?

I read that if you can speak the 3,000 most common words of a language that you are 95% functional. 5,000 words gets you 99%. How many words will I know if I can make it to level 25?

June 17, 2013



Spanish on DL has 1735 only words at this time. I have seen some people who finish the tree with a lot less than level 25.


1735 words is just the base words. That does not include all the variants of a word (Ex. the infinitives of a verb are counted but not the tens of conjugations.


Yeah,I know but I consider the infinitive the word. That's just me! That is the way word lists are compiled for the most common words. However I do use Memrise to add words. But the bottom line is, I am really concentrating on Duo right now and all its 1700+ words.


It will take me quite a while to learn all these and I am sure duolingo will have all kinds of new add ons by then. I am very excited. Duolingo is gonna run all those expensive learning programs out of business!

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