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"The majority has the same question."

Translation:Flertallet har samme spørgsmål.

October 14, 2014



What would be the translation of 'the majority has the same questions'?


It could be the same as this one since "spørgsmål" is both singular and plural. I would however use "Flertallet har de samme spørgsmål" to indicate plurality.


Thanks! I was confused with the missing article, and therefore concluded that the sentence must be in plural. I would have translated the example 'flertallet har det samme spørgsmål'.


But why is the article not there? Is it a mistake or can you leave the article out for some reason?


You can indeed leave out the article and thus introduce the singular/plural ambiguity. But I'm afraid I'm not qualified to say exactly why it is allowed.


Could the Danish version alco be "den samme sprøgsmål"? I "den" was not offered among the word options.


No. "den" is common gender but "spørgsmål" is neuter gender and therefore you'd have to use "det".

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