Hello Hungarian speakers, I have some questions about your language.

I am in the early stage of learning this language. I have had a lot of trouble with the placement of "van/vannak" and where to place it depended on what you want to say.

My book says this:

1: When affirming there is / there are something(s), place WHAT there is/there are immediately before the verb.

Rossz tankönyvek vannak- There are bad textbooks.

2: Otherwise, when affirming WHEN, WHERE, or HOW something(s) is/are place the ADVERB immediately before the verb.

A diákok otthon vannak.- The students are at home.


Okay, that much is easy enough. Now let's look at some sentences from my book scattered throughout the unit.

  1. Az ablak elöl van.- The window is at the front.

I undertand this, but how do I say "THERE IS a window at the front?"

  1. Az asztal hosszú.- The table is long.

This makes sense too, but how so I say "THERE IS a long table?

  1. Itt nincs újság.- There is no newspaper here.

This, to me, seems to contradict what I have already learnt. Here, the WHERE is before the verb- nincs. So I would read this as "A newspaper is not here." There is not much of a difference, but why is this not written as "Itt újság nincs" or "Újság nincs itt?"

  1. A számítógép nincs fent.- The computer is not upstairs.

Again, TO ME, this contradicts what I learnt about placing what there is before the verb when affirming there is something. Why is it wrong to write- "A sámítógép fent nincs?"

October 14, 2014

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Hello Pestbuda. I'll try to explain it.

In Hungarian the word order is almost free. The common word order is

'Subject + Predicate + Complement' or

'Subject + Complement + Predicate'.

But the logical stress is always on the words, which is before the verb (predicate). For example:

A toll(S) az asztalon(C) van(P). = The pen is on the table. (comon word order)

Az asztalon(C) van(P) a toll(S). = The pen is on the table. (Where is the pen?)

Van az asztalon a toll. Is is a meaningless sentence, but:

Van az asztalon (egy) toll. = There is a pen on the table.

October 15, 2014
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