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Does anyone know of a good Irish-English dictionary that includes the gender of the word?

I am going to start the Irish tree, and I want to find an Irish-English dictionary, Does anyone know of one? I have managed to find Irish-English dictionaries, but nothing that includes the gender of the word.

October 14, 2014



Online or print? Really, breis.focloir.ie, either way. It's the online versions of Foclóir Gaeilge-Béarla and "English-Irish Dictionary", the most in depth dictionaries. It lists the gender of the word. For newer words, try focloir.ie, which is "The New English-Irish Dictionary" and is an update of "English-Irish Dictionary", which will eventually be published, I believe. Also try Potafocal.ie, and focal.ie, the latter is especially good for technical terms.

Print, find foclóir póca. It mentions the gender.


Thank you. That first one is exactly what I am looking for.


I have a copy of foclóir póta (Pocket Dictionary). It includes genders and declensions.

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