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  5. "We have a map of the city."

"We have a map of the city."

Translation:Vi har et kort over byen.

October 14, 2014



Why is it over and not af?


There are about 17 million results for 'kort over byen', and 45 million for' kort af byen' though you predominantly see 'kort over byen' only. I tried searching for an answer as to why but, could someone explain? And maybe on any other common cases this would change in. Many thanks.


Examples: 'Et indtryk AF byen' (an impression of the city), 'En duft AF byen' (a smell of the city), 'en beskrivelse AF byen' (a description of the city). 'Et maleri AF Picasso' (A painting of Picasso). The use of 'af' in these examples tell you, that the "thing" (indtryk, duft etc.) comes from the city itself. But a city map is 100% man-made, and is always ' et kort OVER byen'.


Why not "Vi har et bykort"?


It would be a good way of saying it. But it would not be the best way of translating, since it drastically changes the structure of the sentence.

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