'le' ??

hello, in the practice ive faced this sentence :"Ella le escribe un libro." which means by duolingo "she writes YOU a book" and i cant understand why, i guess its about the 'le' but what is that mean, and in what time is this sentence?

thx everyone

April 28, 2012


The sentence is present tense of the verb escribir. Le is the indirect object pronoun meaning to him, to her, to you (formal) - which precedes the verb.

As swanc said: In duolinguo's translation 'le' is translated as 'you (formal)'. A more explicit version of the sentence could be ' Ella le escribe un libro a usted'

thx, its more clear now

wataya is right, if "le" represents "you" formal - as in this case - duolingo had to add "a usted". by not doing so their answer was therefore incorrect.

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